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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Tank Info 

◼︎ Tank Size:36 x 23 x 26 (cm)

◼︎ Tank Age : 3 month

◼︎ Date of set up: April 2019

◼︎ Product:Flat Nano style (Rose gold) x 1

◼︎ Flat Nano Lighting Period : First two months 50%, 75% since the start of the third month, 7 hrs everyday

Plant List

bolbitis heteroclita difformis 嬰兒葉實蕨

hydrocotyle tripartita japan 三裂天胡荽

microsorum pteropus mini 細葉鐵皇冠

hygrophila pinnatifida 聖甲蟲

cryptocoryne parva 迷你椒草

bucephalandra deep purple 辣椒榕

bucephalandra theia 光芒辣椒榕

anubias nana 黄金小榕

anubias nana micro 波利諾榕

micranthemum montecarlo 趴地矮珍珠

lilaeopsis brasiliensis 南美草皮

fissidens fontanus 美國鳳尾蘚

 Fish List

neocaridina shrimp 黑殼蝦


◼︎ Aquascaping Designer:greenaquascaper

◼︎ Country:Netherlands 荷蘭

◼︎ Product review:

Isabella Vianello, aka Greenaquascaper, is an Italian and German aquascaper, currently living in the Netherlands. “I have chosen ONF because of their impeccable range of products and because they always manage to find the perfect balance between stunning designs, quality and natural elegance. Aquascaping for me is where art, nature and creativity meet. I work by combining nature and modern life, bringing organic elements to our everyday experiences. I find that ONF perfectly reflects this philosophy and I warmly suggest their products to my fellow aquascapers. I am looking forward to applying to international aquascaping competitions in the future, being confident and happy to have ONF by my side. Two aspects I particularly love about my Flat Nano are the additional features, such as the dimmable brightness feature (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%) and how natural the light looks. The light optimally enhances and highlights the plants’ colours, while being very pleasant to look at. It creates a very tranquil and soothing environment, perfectly fitting into every aquascape and adding a special touch to every living space.

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