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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Tank Info 

◼︎ Tank Size:36 x 37 x 30 (cm) ◼︎ The Date Of Post : January 2019

◼︎ Tank Age : 3 month

◼︎ Product:FLAT NANO (Rose gold) x 1

◼︎ FLAT NANO Lighting Period : 8 hours and 100% brightness everyday

Plant List

Pearlweed 珍珠草

Anubias Nana Petite 袖珍小榕


◼︎ Aquascaping Designer:andrianscaper

◼︎ Country:Philippines 菲律賓

◼︎ Product Review ​:

I really enjoyed using the Flat Nano Rose Gold. The design is pretty sleek and simple and can make your aquarium look more beautiful. Performance for the light to the plants is amazing. The vivid colors of the plants and fish are really showing with this Nano Light. The growth of the plants is pretty remarkable For a small aquarium you can already achieve great results with the Flat Nano.

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