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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Tank Info 

◼︎ Tank Size:60 x 30 x 22 (cm)

◼︎ Tank Age : 4 month

◼︎ Product:ONF Flat One - 2' Pendant style

◼︎ Lighting Period : Brightness 70%, 8 hrs everyday

Plant List

Riccardia sp. "chamedryfolia" 珊瑚莫斯 Micranthemum tweediei ("Montecarlo-3") 趴地矮珍珠 Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita "Mini" 銅錢草 Staurogyne repens 南美叉柱花 Eleocharis sp. 'Mini' 迷你牛毛氈 Fissidens fontanus "Grande" 美國鳳尾苔 Mini fern 美人蕨

 Fish List

Betta splendens 泰國鬥魚


◼︎ Aquascaping Designer:fruity0ne

◼︎ Country:Germany 德國

◼︎ IG ​: https://www.instagram.com/fruity0ne/

◼︎ Product Review :

I have been testing this lamp for several months now and I am more than satisfied with the quality, workmanship and design. The performance of the LEDs are excellent and provide the plants with more than enough to grow healthily.

The app works perfectly and offers many possibilities. Can only recommend this product and look forward to the following products of the company ONF Lightning.

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