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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Tank Info 

◼︎ Tank Size:90 x 50 x 45 (cm)

◼︎ Product:FLAT ONE 90cm Pendant style x 1

◼︎ FLAT ONE Lighting Period : Brightness 50%, 80% white and 20% blue light

◼︎ Pressurised CO2 at 3 bubbles per second using CO2art PRO-ELITE regulator with Inline diffuser.

Plant List

Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba", Eleocharis sp. Mini 迷你矮珍珠

Micranthemum "Monte carlo" 趴地矮珍珠

Cryptocoryne parva 迷你椒草

Ranunculus inundatus 鹿角矮珍珠

Hydrocotyle tripartita 三裂天胡荽

Limnophila vietnam mini 迷你三角葉

Rotala walichii 紅松尾

Rotala rotundifolia 水豬母乳(圓葉節節菜)

Myriophyllum matogrossense 雪花羽毛

Bolbitis heudelotii hobbit 黑木蕨

Microsorum pteropus petite 鐵皇冠

Microsorum pteropus trident 三叉鐵皇冠

Hygrophila pinnatifida 小獅子草

Mini Christmas moss 迷你聖誕莫斯

Anubias nana petite 袖珍小榕

Various mini bucephalandras 迷你蘋果葉辣椒榕

Fissidens mallorca 馬洛卡鳳尾蘚

Crepidomanes malabaricum 似類苔蘚假脈蕨


◼︎ Aquascaping Designer:pavolkulanda

◼︎ Country:Northern Ireland, United Kingdom 北愛爾蘭 英國

◼︎ Youtube Chanel ​: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO-7iSrCU4OXnL1OMRJb9qQ ◼︎ Product Review ​:

I am really excited and feel really privileged to get opportunity to try this design award winning light.

Since the first moment i opened the box i noticed the high quality of this product. Packaging, materials, fitting and super sleek design oozes high quality and craftmanship. After installing and powering the light on i noticed its high intensity brightness and i was confident that this unit can any plant that i will put in my aquarium without any problem. Full control over colour spectrum, intensity and timer via app is a really nice bonus. My only downside of it is that i have to remember to reconnect the light with app settings after switching light on manually for maintenance or viewing outside of timer setting. Colour rendition is simply stunning. It brings out rich coloration of greens beautifully and enhance and help to achieve a red coloration of stem plants.

I decided to use the light initially on 50% intensity with 80% white and 20% blue diodes. My plan was to increase intensity by 5% every two weeks to gradually ramp it up to 100% as aquarium and plant growth matures. I am now in the week 6 with light intensity still on 60% and 100% white because i like the warmer look more. Background plants need trimmed now so i will update after couple of weeks.

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